ESA Tree Care provides arboricultural contracting and consultancy service to all owners and managers to trees within the private sector.

ESA staff have arboricultural back grounds and formal training which backs up their skill in carrying out their work, and allows them to make sound decisions based on good arboricultural knowledge and understanding.

The company operates so that there is a high standard of safety, environmental impact awareness and a short inconvenience time for clients.

Our team and management are experienced in carrying out many varied contracts for a wide range of clients and organisations.

All Contracting works are carried out in the most efficient way with method statements available for the way we carry out the following tasks.

The scope of our treecare work ranges from:

  • Pruning of small trees to large veteran trees
  • Crown lifting off wires, buildings or garden and highways to reduction and pollarding for more light or health and safety
  • Controlled felling and dismantling using the latest techniques and equipment
  • Planting of 2 foot whips to planting large root balled nursery grown trees
  • Moving of trees whether bare rooted or root balled. By hand or with a tree spade
  • Installation of bracing and guying systems such as Geifa and Platypus systems
  • Stump removal either by winch or stump grinders